01 | 08 | 2021
Qualitydecoral® Gold - The high durability combinations are increasing

Qualitydecoral® Gold the new combinations

The interest shown towards the Qualitydecoral® Gold series products has become more and more important, its use is more frequent and projects are very interesting. It is almost exclusively concerned with employments where the durability of the decorated surface is fundamental to give a high added value to the final product. In order to give to the end users always more aesthetical possibilities, Decoral® Lab is exposing for many years thousands of samples at ATLAS Weathering Service Exposure Site.
The samples, after long exposure in Florida, are sent back to our lab, where they receive an opportune cleaning treatment, and they are submitted to accurate instrumental proofs.

If the evaluation of laboratory tests is positive, these combinations will increase the range of the Qualitydecoral® Gold finishing. Qualitydecoral® Gold series becomes bigger with 43 new decorative effects ranging from very dark to white wood. There are metallic effects and some news proposal with marbles and granites, coated on glossy bases (glossy and matt), wrinkled bases and metallic ones.

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