01 | 08 | 2021
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Decoral System® today represents all over the world the leading company in wood, marble and fancy decorations on metals and materials suitable to resist temperatures of 200° C.

Our main activity is processing aluminium through our PATENTED DECORAL® SYSTEM. Our production methods allow us to decorate:

- shapes of different sizes (aluminium profiles and laminates, doors and special objects)

- with a wide range of certified colours and patterns Thanks to advanced technology and expertise of our staff.

Over the last few years Decoral System® has also been developing as a company not only for decorating aluminium, but also for decorating a wider range of materials including steel, PVC, glass and others.



Subsidiaries Decoral System®:

Decoral® Powder’s core is to develop and manufacture powders suitable to coating and heat-transfer process.
Our products are Qualicoat and Qualideco certified, guaranteeing excellent consistency and reliability.

All Print by Decoral® System manufactures film for heat-transfer process (Qualideco certified).
A highly qualified staff overviews and manages the process of printing, testing and developing the most suitable solutions to decoration needs of our Clients.
A strategic part of Decoral® Group is Tecno Decoral®, a business unit which supplies technologically advanced industrial systems, know-how and technical support to achieve the best output in decoration.