01 | 08 | 2021
Get your company promoted with Decoral System






Decoral System® is about to launch an amazing proposal to its Clients worldwide.




Customers of Decoral System® benefit of a unique advantage no other company can provide: purchasing from a single company.

Equipment and spare parts, powder coatings, heat-transfer films, know-how, technical support to obtain marvellous finishings on aluminium and other materials.

The list is now enriched with a new and important service: marketing tools.


Any company in Finishings Business knows how difficult it is to persuade customers to move on a particular colour or finishing with standard marketing tools made of paper. The customer wants to taste what’s more similar to the final output: coated metal.



Our marketing tools has shown a dramatic effectiveness worldwide and we want now our customer to deploy its advantages too.



Discover this new service: contact our Sales Dept. Or you Local Decoral® Representative.