10 | 05 | 2021
A brilliant Aluminium 2010 for Decoral System®

It’s just over the 8th EDITION of ALUMINIUM in ESSEN, the famous biennial milestone exhibition in aluminium industry.

Significant admissions recorded: 17,200 VISITORS IN 3 DAYS.

For Decoral System® an important showcase to present our system, new plants and new finishes for heat-transfer process.


Among the most IMPORTANT PRODUCTS featured:

- The new DC 39 AUTOMATIC MACHINES for the decoration of coated extrusions;

- The new flexible VIV 861 level for the decoration of coated extrusions and laminates;

- New finishings of SERIES SUBLIOX, an elegant  combination of tranparent powder coating and some special effects like Satin Steel, Corten steel, wood finishes and full shades suitable to different applications (architectural, interior design, street furniture);

- New  SUPERDURABLE  class 2 powders for heat-transfer process, the best performing products in outdoor context available nowadays;

- The elegant finishings made with the new powder coating series for heat-transfer MIRROR, polyurethane powder with metals. Wide range of colors (over 150) available; 36 finishes suitable for outdoor use.


"Visitors have shown great interest and enthusiasm for our technology” - said Decoral® Sales force Representatives in Essen".


Decoral System® has already confirmed its participation to next Aluminium 2012. From 9 to 11 October. In Dusseldorf.