20 | 01 | 2021
Industrial Application

The most popular field is architecture (doors, windows, shutters, arches) where aluminium profiles, with a length of approximately 7.35 metres and laminates of up to 1.50 x 4.00 metres, are coated and decorated on all sides.

Other objects of various shapes and materials in other field can be decorated too.

Decoral® Application fields can be found anywhere: internal and external coverings, window/door fittings, interiors of airplanes, ships, trains, road vehicles, camper-vans, caravans, buses, metal containers, cases, large bags and suitcases, and even utensils, toys, gardening articles, electrical appliances and furniture.

It can also be used in urban furniture, such as on road signals, lighting, advertising and posters, plates, soundproof panels. Some materials, such as nylon, polyester and polyurethane, can be decorated directly without any pre-treatment.

Others, however, such as glass, ceramics, terracotta and metals in general must be decorated after a powder coating treatment with the appropriate products that can be provided by Decoral System®.